How One-Way Travelers Get Through Immigration: 3 Essential Tips

The immigration office in Koh Lipe (Thailand) is on the beach in the sand, no joke. When you travel to Malaysia, you receive your stamped passport back an hour later after getting on the boat. (Photo: Anton Slegers)

1. Have proof of leaving the visiting country

A classic trick travelers going from Thailand to Malaysia use is booking a bus from Malaysia’s border city Johor Bahru to Singapore. Get creative😄 !

2. Make sure your visa checks out

Indian child keeping an eye on the business. (Photo: Anton Slegers)

A hard one is the “occupation” they ask when you’re on a long trip. I learned this the hard way arriving as a tourist in the Silicon Valley of India — Bangalore — and having mentioned I have an educational background in Information Technology, which was a red flag for the immigration officer 😠.
Make sure you have a back story why you travel so you don’t come over nervous.

3. Have proof of funds

My golden tip is to make sure your bank cards allow international payments and withdrawals before you start traveling. This can be done through the app on your phone most of the time.

Bonus tips



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